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• Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
  Bachelor in Computer Science, May 2017

• Fort Lee High School, Fort Lee, NJ
  July 2013


Waiter, Noodle Gourmet, New Brunswick, NJ - 2015

Web application QA Intern, KAWO Technologies - Summer 2016

    - Developed test cases for the entire web application
    - Taught myself automated testing frameworks such as phantomJS & casperJS
    - Written automated functional testing script using casperJS
    - Gained experience using Git
    - Gained experience with website back-end and database management
    - With the help of company’s senior developers, implemented a link-checker using
      phantomJS and nodeJs for checking the availability of URLs

School Projects

    - JavaFX application for demonstrating A* search algorithm
    - JavaFX Photo Album application
    - A simple hotel management web application using JSP and MySQL
    - Java Chess game with simple command-line interface

     most projects can be found on my Github account.

Notable Courses Taken

    - Data Structures
    - Software Methodology
    - Principles of Information and Data Management
    - Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms
    - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Skill Set


        • Java

        • HTML5/CSS3

        • Windows

        • MacOS

        • Microsoft Office

        • CasperJS


        • Javascript/jQuery

        • Bootstrap

        • MySQL

        • Version Control/Git

        • Linux


        • PHP

        • NodeJS

        • JSP